PVISUNG 1000W LED grow light for farm

  • Power: 1000W
  • PPF: 2663μmol/s
  • Efficacy: 2.896 μmol/J
  • Extend size: 63.8″L x 42″W x 3.56″H(1620x1067x90.4mm)
  • Retract size: 17.3″L x 42″W x 3.56″H(439x1067x90.4mm)
  • Lifespan: 54000hrs
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Input Voltage: AC180V-305V
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    PVISUNG is an innovative high-tech company, focusing on the research of LED grow light sources and product application.It is dedicated to providing customers with professional service and high-quality products. PVISUNG Technology is located in Shenzhen China, with convenient transportation and fast information.The core team have been engaged in R&D, manufacturing, marketing of LED industry for more than 10 years, and they have a deep understanding of LED grow light packaging, photoelectric performance, product certification, structure design, the market and etc.

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