730W growing light for indoor plants

  • Power: 730W
  • PPF: 1940μmol/J
  • Efficacy: 2.732μmol/J
  • Extend size: 41.9″L x 41.4″W x 3.56″H(1064x1052.8x90.4mm)
  • Retract size: 12.4″L x 41.4″W x 3.56″H(314x1052.8x90.4mm)
  • Lifespan: 54000hrs
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Input Voltage: AC110V-277V
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    Intelligent control: PVISUNG dimmable function allows you to adjust the PPF levels produced and adapt to all crops and growth stages. Enhanced by TUYA mold to be timed and dimmed. That’s adjustable.       730W LED grow 1 730W LED grow 2 730W LED grow 3 730W LED grow 4 730W LED grow 5 730W LED grow 6 730W LED grow 7 730W LED grow 8 730W LED grow 9 730W LED grow 10 730w packing

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