What is the PVISUNG’s special heat and cold self-circulating system heatsink?

A number of studies have shown that temperature has a great impact on the application effect and lifespan of grow light.

If the running temperature is too high, it will affect the environmental temperature for plants to survive, resulting in light decay of LED beads, and then affect planting yields. 

pvisung grow2

Target on this point, our factory has created a special cooling material and heat and cold self-circulating system heatsink for our PVISUNG grow light.

pvisung grow

Pure aluminum profile, exclusive honeycomb cooling material, innovative heat and cold self-circulating system heatsink

The air flows in through the holes on the side and out through the honeycomb of the profile,by this way, quickly heat conductivity,fast heat dissipation.

The efficient heat dissipation, reduce light decay, maintain perfect working of grow light.

Compared with other grow light radiators on the market, our heat and cold self-circulating radiator can effectively reduce the temperature less excess 15 degrees Celsius than others.  

Keep the running temperature of grow light on optimum.Reduce extra HVAC(heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, cool )costs.

grow light

Excellent aluminum heat dissipation.

Ensure long service life and safe operation.

Need no extra heatsink.

Post time: Mar-30-2022